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We’re facing financial challenges in today’s complex financial world, which can take a heavy toll on many areas of our lives.

It is possible to have a wide range of feelings about our finances, ranging from simple worries arising at various times in the day that could lead to profound concerns and stress. These negative mental states can interfere with life’s relationships, emotions, or general happiness. Our financial picture has been shaped by our loved ones, advertisers, and peer influence since birth.

Few of us ever received any training in personal finance when it comes to financial life events like:

My Experience and Mission is Helping Others Improve Their Financial Outlook

Like many of you who have worked in various industries, before entering personal finance in 2001, I too was in a different yet related field; accounting, information, and CRM systems. 9/11 changed that. So I transitioned from helping organizations keep track of their operations to helping individuals keep track of their personal finance needs.

After over a decade as an advisor with insurance, securities, and advisory licenses, national players in the personal finance space asked me for help. They wanted me to educate (not sell) their customers. This took me full circle back to working with organizations and individuals.

So I’ve made it my mission to give that support to others regarding their personal finance decisions. My goal is to be the one that helps them work toward their financial and lifestyle goals. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, join the likes of Vanguard, Ascensus, United Health Care, and others who trust us with their client’s financial education wellness.

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Let’s all live more satisfying lives, and take steps to reach our financial goals. But it’s not just financial knowledge that’s needed to achieve this goal; it’s also changes in behavior, development of systems, and priority for action related to finances.

As an independent firm affecting significant change in the financial services industry, I aim to help you work toward greater financial wellness. Each person and organization is different. See how we can customize a program based on yours.

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