Personal Finance Test

How much do you know about financial topics? Put your personal financial knowledge to the test.

This complimentary test covers 10 core personal finance areas, ranging from savings to income to investments. The goal is to help you identify any knowledge gaps that may take you off-course when it comes to your finances.

Test Your Financial Knowledge Across 10 Essential Personal Finance Topics

Financial Psychology

Savings, Expenses, & Budgeting

Account Management

Loans & Debt

Credit Profile


Economic & Government Influences

Risk Management & Insurance

Investing & Personal Financial Planning

Education & Skill Development

Claim Your Complimentary Personal Financial Calendar & Monthly Checklist

  • Checklist Monthly Financial Tasks. Checklist of tasks to complete each month.

  • Birthday & Live Events. At different stages of your life, action is required. Learn when.

  • Periodic Financial Action Steps. Get ahead on your finances with these clear steps.