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When you book me, you get more than just a speaker. You get a passionate financial education provider who is dedicated to your program’s success.

All my presentations are customized to best meet the needs of your organization and the participants. Lessons are selected to help support participants and I adjust my presentation style to match the learners’ needs.

About Me

My entry into this field was a default event. The dot-com crash forced my hand as opportunities in the accounting systems industry dried up. My next move was to personal finance.

As time passed and the licenses and experience accumulated, I found that financial education was of greater interest than financial advising. That led to contracts with major health insurance and financial companies to help educate their clients.

During that journey, I encountered organizations offering what they claimed was “Financial Wellness.” Although I applaud their efforts, it wasn’t what I had expected.

So, in 2017 I created an LLC to join a movement to offer a more holistic approach that helps individuals take control of their financial lives.

In Addition to Speaking Services, We Provide Support & Resources.

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